safe lgp installation

Safe LPG installations

Whether it’s simply a domestic gas cylinder installation or a big quantity of cylinders for commercial and industrial premises, at EasyGas (Malta) Ltd we handle it responsibly. Together with our in-house engineers, EasyGas technicians seek to analyse the point of installation before the job starts, ensuring that the location meets the necessary requirements for 100% safety in full.


Installation of gas cylinders for domestic use

It might be a not so complicated job to do but our professional staff can take care of it, especially if you require more than one gas cylinder installed! We can assist you in installing gas cylinders in houses, villas and blocks of apartments for cooking and heating purposes.


Installation of gas cylinders for commercial & industrial use

We have handled bulky installations of gas cylinders in factories, supermarkets, schools and restaurants among others. For such complex installation jobs, the usual bland paperwork process, including Planning Authority permits and the authorisation by the Regulator for Energy & Water Services fall under our responsibility.

Any required pipings, fittings and if required, vaporizers, are supplied by us for a complete and successful installation.

Reduce gas costs with renewable energy services

Leave your green footprint on the environment! Our skilled installation services are backed by very competitive prices. Contact us for an on-site appointment and further information on the best installation solutions for your dwelling!

Our packages

Bulk installations


The installed gas cylinders remain property of EasyGas (Malta) Ltd. Under this scheme, clients are bound to purchase gas from EasyGas (Malta) Ltd.

€ 400  deposit



Clients are free to buy an EasyGas (Malta) Ltd gas cylinder tank with prices set by the local Regulator; varying according to the cylinder size required.

Domestic installations

Pay a EUR15 deposit and keep the receipt!

This entitles you for a full refund when returning the gas cylinder to us at EasyGas (Malta) Ltd. If the receipt is not handed in only a EUR5 is given.

€ 15  deposit


Our cylinder prices


  • 10kg €13.40

  • 12kg €16.00

  • 15kg €20.00

  • 25kg €33.30


  • 10kg €13.50

  • 15kg €20.15

  • 25kg €33.45


  • 15kg €24.00

  • 18kg €28.50

  • 20kg €32.00


  • LPG €1.60

  • Propane €1.60




Information for Easygas Malta Ltd

Operator Name

Registered Name

Trade Name

Easygas Malta Ltd

Easy Gas

Establishment  Address



Valletta Road

Notification Details


LPG Storage

Dangerous Substance

Hazard Categories
Named Substances

Dangerous CharacteristicsFlammable

Emergency Information

How the public will be warned

As we are a lower-tier establishment, we have an internal emergency plan to warn the local authorities in the event of a major accident. The plan includes a means to inform the public and actions to do in the event of an accident.

Behaviour to take in event of major accident

In the event of an accident you will be warned by the local authorities and police vehicles.
Warning messages will be issued on local radio stations.
If you hear the emergency warnings stay inside your building.
If you hear the emergency warnings and you are outside try to find shelter indoors 

as soon as possible and avoid using your mobile phones.
Close all windows and apertures.
Move away from windows.
Switch off any flammable sources. Avoid turning on or off any electrical appliances.

Remain inside until the all clear signal is noted.


Most recent COMAH Inspection (updated quarterly):

Where more detailed information on inspection available
Where further relevant information available

Nature of
major hazards (1)

Nature of major accident

Fire and Explosion. Release of dangerous substances with potential for adverse health effects.

Potential human health effects

Potential for burns to body. Injuries caused by projectiles being ejected from the incident site.

Potential environmental effects

Physical damage to and contamination of unlisted buildings and offsite such as houses, schools, offices, etc.

Scenario details

Release of LPG

Fire and Explosion involving LPG

Control measures

All of the establishment’s storage tanks, process vessels, pipework and control systems are designed and maintained to an appropriate standard to prevent major accidents.

Potential ignition sources are eliminated in accordance with the ATEX Directive to protect against the ignition of flammable material. All relevant warehouses and storage facilities are fitted with fire detection and protection systems.
Suitable arrangements are in place to prevent or minimise loss of containment of dangerous substances

Onsite response

This establishment has prepared an internal emergency plan for major accidents which is tested at least every 2 years, has liaised with the emergency services and agreed on the actions and arrangements to deal with major accidents and minimise their effects.